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It is the second day in a row online and that is a bit rare for me these days. I am just doing a lot of offline things and thinking. Nothing really worth writing about because I would not sound coherent if I did.

I am thinking of typing up a few letters on the computer since a few of my penpals have been waiting a few months for letters and I want to be speedy in answering them right now. It can be so much faster to type everything up instead of handwrite pages and pages of letter. So, that will be my project for the day and the fact I have plenty of printer ink makes it appealing, as well as doable.

I have some projects I am starting work on since the weather is getting bad and I am getting no model requests because of it. I am going to have to do another ad for the joint project for models and specify "Must be available to pose outside in colder weather" because that is what the weather is now. I am also working on getting that "kick start" to my art going that I planned for this year. I printed out some of my nature photos and may (still a huge may) use one to work on a painting in my weird abstract/impressionist style I do. I also have a project for my fashion blog which I will be working on next week when the object for the project arrives.

I am working my way through a book but haven't finished it yet. I haven't been in a 'reading' mood much lately which is odd after the amount of books I read over this year. I joined Goodreads so if you are on there feel free to add me.

I thought about trading books through Goodreads but it seems that people can just request your books and you get nothing in return. I got highly suspicious when a woman requested ALL the books I had listed at one time. Then offered nothing in return. I turned her down and delisted my books for trade. It was just totally unfair and I refuse to add to someone's collection like that and get nothing in return for my sending books. I am still looking for a good, free, site for trading books but am unsure of which is a good one where the trades are fair and horders of books do not take advantage of people who want to trade.

Other than that, things are a bit quiet here. I am liking that and trying to remain unstressed....and not online all the time.

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