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Heading to Leavenworth, Washington tomorrow...home of a cheesy, Bavarian style, village. I am going along to get out of Spokane. I will try and take a lot of photos because I have not had the chance to do that lately.

See website for Leavenworth here:

I also have a possible bite for a model to take photos of within the next week or two. I will see if this works since as we all know, I have had this happen in the past and nothing materialize. Spokane people can be quite flaky.

Still reading a lot of books and sleeping at odd hours. I blame the odd hour sleeping on being incredibly bored. My life needs a shake up in a good way...not bad way. I have had my fill of bad things happen to me last year and don't need more because I am finally de-stressing. I need a change or shake up for the better. Life is too stagnant and i need some happiness/fun in my life.

Okay, since my life is so not filled with excitement...I am off to make myself some food and then to watch a movie.
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I wish I had something exciting to write about today. The days have just been less than exciting for a long time now and I cannot wait until this changes for me. I would go out and take photos...but the weather is cold and I hate being out in the cold for a long time, fighting the constantly runny nose it gives me. That is just not my idea of fun. So, I hope things perk up soon and something interesting comes my way.

I have been reading a lot. I joined 50bookchallenge here at livejournal and that is inspiring me to read a lot more. I bought four books on my birthday and read two of them already...and have started on the third. So far, in January, I have read 6 books of the 50 the challenge has as a goal so that means that the goal is achievable to me though if I get really busy it will be harder for me to find time to read. I decided to read more after being so busy with college that I had little time to read. Now that I am done with college, I am going to read a lot more.

I saw an interesting movie called "
SherryBaby" on DVD last night. It probably would be a bit hard for a lot of people to watch due to the way it treats the main character's sexuality but, it was very good.  It's about a woman named "Sherry" who is an ex.heroin addict and recently released from serving jail time. She us played by Maggie Gyllenhaal who brings a mixture of toughness, fragility, pain, and naivety to the role which works well. Sherry is trying to stay clean so that she can get custody of her young daughter. You can tell she is not capable of taking care of the daughter she loves so much and it makes the movie very heartbreaking. It is definitely worth a view because it was so "real".

Anyways, that has been my day so far. Off I go to surf the Internet.

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I feel like I have some wacky sleep disorder. I cannot sleep like a normal human night. Instead, I find myself sleeping from 12 noon until around 5 p.m. I hate being in this sort of sleep pattern and am trying to push the sleep tie later and later each day so I can swap the time around again.

And those new bedsheets I just got are so comfortable too...damn it!
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So, I went with my brother to the show at the Big Easy last night with an open mind...beyond knowing I am not into hard rock which would be the type of music playing. I have to say, for hard rock bands, three out of the four bands really were awful. 

The only good band, One Fall, was one that sounded just like Soundgarden. Not very original at all. But they were the band who we had gotten the tickets from and three of the band members actually went to high school with Russell. They were nice guys...just were stuck in the era of grunge circa 1994.

One of the other bands, Odd#Out, had a lead singer that attempted to sound like Kurt Cobain and was fine until the female bassist tried to harmonize and made it clear her mic should be turned off so she cannot be heard singing. Another band, Flyreal, kept plugging their webpage and the lead singer was so full of himself it was amusing to watch. The band members of One Fall, who were sitting at our table, had fun making fun of the guy while the band played. Mimicking him and chanting the website name over and over again. The headlining band, Neveready, was so dull Russell decided it was time to leave after 2 songs. It was very, very, boring night musically.

Russell's co-workers were all right, except for the one who kept hitting on me and staring at me for long periods of time making me uncomfortable. He smacked of desperation in how he approached me, had nothing in common with me, was about 24 years old, was not the slightest bit cute, and I was polite but also not very inviting hoping he would get the hint I wasn't interested...but he didn't. 

He got annoyed, like small-minded men do, and made sure to insult me by insisting I had some sort of twisted, sick, relationship going on with my brother, and that is when I bailed for the bathroom and let Russell know I would like to leave soon.  Yeah, don't get your way so be an ass to the woman you are hitting on...that ALWAYS works out well.

Now I am bowing out of going to First Night tomorrow night (New Year's Eve) because the same idiot invited himself to go with my brother and I. I know he only did that to try to hit on me again because he only decided he would go with Russell once he found out I was going. That sounds like no fun to me and I don't relish having to ditch them and being on my own most the night. Russell's saying that this guy can come along totally killed any desire of mine to go. I would rather stay home, be bored, and watch movies. I love going out but not if I have to deal with this idiot hitting on me the whole night.

I also noticed that no one dresses up to go out in Spokane. Most the people were in sweatshirts and really old looking, dumpy, jeans. It was like they were going to the Mall or to do some drywall. I was wearing a black shirt, jeans, and black wedge sandals and I felt overdressed! People here in Spokane, they are just don't have any concept of dressing to go out. They always look like they just rolled out of bed. I cannot wait to move away where people actually know that to go out to a club, bar, event, or even a concert you DRESS UP.

Yeah, it was a boring night out but at least I only bought a plastic cup of beer which set me back $4.97, an outrageous price for a small plastic cup of beer. I didn't have to buy the ticket because the band gave them away for free to friends and Russell got the tickets from a band member's girlfriend that he works with. 

Yes, the nightlife in Spokane is seriously lacking and if it were a heart monitor would be "flatlined".

An amusing sidenote, it seems everyone Russell works with assumes I have a lot of money because I am a photographer. Mind you, none of them said they could "afford professional photos" yet they all assumed that I was loaded with cash. How can I be when everyone in Spokane I meet cannot afford to pay for photos? Too funny.

There are no cameras allowed at the Big Easy, at least "professional cameras" (which is what I own), so I took a few, inferior, cell phone photos. I will now share them.

Above: The band tuning up. Cellphone picture.

Above: The band, that gave us the tickets, starts playing.

Above: Intense, flashing, light use is alive an well at the Big Easy.

Above:More of the band playing.

Above: Russell drinks his 5th beer at the Big Easy.

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