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I have been taking some time off from online and diving into the world of LOST rewatch on DVD. It is nice to not be tied to online at the moment since people can be at the most attacking around the holidays. I want to avoid that because I saw it starting up at sites around the Internet. With all that is going on with my immediate family...I don't outside stresses.

I am almost done with the LOST rewatch and watched it for a long time yesterday ot the point where I am almost done with season 5. I am picking up on things I never saw the first time around. That makes the rewatch fun. :)

I also made a sell and a trade with two of my books. $5 will be added to my account for the book sell and the book I traded will be added to my "To Read" stack. I have quite a few books ot start reading when I am done with the LOST rewatch and am looking forward to it. It should help on snowy days which are forecast for the days around Christmas.

I did some driving yesterday in 12 (F) temperatures and will continue to do so...even after the snow falls. Probably after the streets get cleared. I am aiming to move after the holidays so aiming to get my license before that. Wish me luck and cross you fingers.

Okay, off I go to get a little caught up online before diving back into LOST.
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Been off the computer a lot and trying to feed my brain with movies and books these past few days. I was getting to the point where I would sit online and just feel bored. That is not the way I want to be when online so have limited my computer usage to a mere hour 1/2 a day. I check my email, check responses to comments online, check a few sites, and then get off the computer.

It has actually lowered my stress level and it is nice to watch movies and read instead of wander for hours online.

Other than's been quiet. I cleaned the bathroom yesterday...first clean since Russell moved out. I know it will stay clean longer with him no longer using it which makes me happy. I also got a new holder for my toothbrush and there are new bath mats for the bathroom as well. So it's a nicer experience to use the bathroom downstairs now.

Finishing up reading No Country For Old Men by Cormac McCarthy. It's an easy read, has some differences from the movie version, and is interesting but not totally great. I may put it back on swaptree to swap after I am done with it. I have many books to choose from to read after I finish this one.

Okay, time for me to help out with dinner. Off I go!

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