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We had clear skies yet again but only got up to 9 (F) today. It seemed colder when the winter wind blew. Today is a day where music like this fits well:

Hopefully, I will get some driving practice in tomorrow despite the cold. I will just bundle up and see if I cannot talk my mum into it.

I ended up sending yet another Christmas card. My penpal Valentina had vanished a few years back and got back in contact on Facebook. It seems she had moved from Slovenia to Luxembourg. She messaged me for my address to send a Christmas card and I got her new address to do the same.

My friend in Sweden, Ida, also got back in contact with me via Facebook and is writing me a letter. It will be good to hear from her again. She said life just blew up and she got totally caught up in it a few years back so lost contact me with me. It was so good to hear from her again.

I have started editing older photos of mine and putting them up on my account. Let me tell you...I HATE the upload process at that site. It is complicated and slow at the same time. Why anyone would rely on that site for all their "showing off of art needs" is beyond me. I am quickly being reminded why I abandoned that account and went over to Much easier uploads, none of the "you have to offer prints for sale" bs that deviantart has, and better presentation on the site is what Flickr offers. Flicker is much more professional looking. I don't think I will be hanging around devianart much. It just doesn't impress me much.

I got my shipment of fountain pen ink in the mail today. Yes, I have to mail order it because there are NO stores that sell ink for fountain pens here in Spokane. Yes, we have art stores but they just have calligraphy pen ink which is not the same and gunks up fountain pens. So, I order it from online. I had been out of ink for about a month and finally just bit the bullet and bought some more since I love to write with fountain pens. That will be my short project for tonight...inking up the 3 pens I have and getting them writing again.

I am making more progress in Goodkind's Naked Empire book. It has finally started progressing story-wise (half-way through the book) and that is a good thing. Goodkind has a habit of writing in a prodding fashion with too much character talk and little progression of story. I love his story he is telling in the "Sword of Truth" series but he sure could use a good cattle prod application now and then to get his stories going in his writing. I am thinking of reading a bit more of the Sagas of the Icelanders after finishing Naked Empire just to break up the sameness of the story before continuing in the "Sword of Truth" series.

Yes, I am still reading the Sagas of the Icelanders. It is a HUGE book and has many stories in it. It gets a bit overwhelming and "same same" in character as you read story to story so it is more the kind of book you read in bits in pieces when the mood strikes you. I am halfway through it which is quite an accomplishment for me since the book is 740 pages before you hit the Glossary. I LOVE the smell of this book by the way. It has this type of paper making up the pages that smells heavenly so it makes me enjoy reading it even more. I am weird that way though...I love the smell of new books and this book truly has that smell.

Okay, time to wander off and finish up my emails.

I Got Paid!

Aug. 4th, 2008 07:03 pm
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I got paid by Destry for the photos! Yay! Money in the bank! Unfortunately, I will probably use it to go to in plane ticket back, food while in Seattle, ect. :|

I had another newer penpal dump me citing that she has to cut back on penpals. I really am loosing interest in penpalling at this point because it just seems I am wasting postage. The second "sorry but I have to dump you" email in a week. Sometimes I seriously wonder why I bother writing letters at all...despite the fact I have some great older penpals. Makes me wonder why people who are "over-stretched" in the penpalling world continue to take on penpals. Ah well.

Cheryse, the past Netherlands exchange student that stayed with us, is coming back to visit us in two weeks. That should be fun and interesting to see how she has matured since the time she has lived her. According to my mum Cheryse "found the Lord" and is very devote religious. Interesting. It will be interesting to see what she is like now.

Still thinking of what Destry photos to put up on my website and how to design my business cards. I also have to start on the touching up of old photos for a friend of my mum's. And there is always the taking "street fashion" photos which I may do this weekend or a little before.

I am headed to see "
Pineapple Express" this weekend. Destry will be going with me if all goes well. I am looking forward to a completely stupid/funny film and I hope this film is as funny as the trailer makes it to be.

My days and nights have been messed up when it comes to sleeping. I just am having trouble swapping them back around. I need ot do this because there are things I need to do during the day. 

Enough I go.
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"Battlestar Galactica" wrapped up it's season this past Sunday and I was fine with the ending. It wasn't "OMG! Exciting!"  and I so called ahead of time who two of the Cylons were but, I see this as leading into an interesting 4th season. Now if the fandom would just stop whining I would be happy. I have to say it again...everyone isn't going to be satisfied with the direction a show goes in. Everyone has different ideas of how the show should progress. Whining gets no no where because it is the writer's call on how the storyline goes. If it annoys you so much then stop watching and STFU so the rest of us can enjoy the show. Thank you.

Wrote a letter today which was nice. I like being in a letter writing mood again even if not every letter I write is a masterpiece. The letter today was to a newer penpal and it was my first letter to her...and now I get to wait and see if she responds back. 

I am now on book #13 for the [profile] 50bookchallenge and was surprised that the book turned form what looked like, from the cover, a mystery of the usual supermarket checkout stand variety to a sci fi/fantasy book with a mystery involved. The book is called Chainfire and is by Terry Goodkind. It seems it is a book in a long series this author has written so if I continue to enjoy the book I may check the series out. I do have a slight annoyance in that the characters spend a lot of time just talking about doing things and not a lot of time actually doing them. I am near the start of the book though so this may change. It is not a bad book and I will be reading a bit of it again as I try to fall asleep later.

I have the new version of the Virtual Villagers game on my computer now because my mum downloaded it and shared it with me. Fair enough since I shared the original with her. I am having fun with the game and have completed the first game, though it doesn't really end, just you solve all the puzzles and continue to train your islanders and the future generations after that. I am not as addicted to the games anymore but they are fun to play when I am totally bored and cannot sleep.

Anyways, life is dull and I haven't much to write about these days. So, I will now cease writing and head off to surf the Internet.

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