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2012-08-18 06:02 pm
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'Joey' Warhorse presentation at INB, Spokane, WA.

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I got an e.invite to meet 'Joey' from the Warhorse play which is coming to Spokane in March. The INB Perfroming Arts Center put on a presentation for the Joey Horse puppet for the public. This helps get people excited about the play coming to town.

They encouraged photography and I whipped out my Sony Cybershot and took a few photos from the event.

Warhorse Presentation at INB

Above: Joey interacting with the crowd.

Warhorse Presentation at INB

Above: Full body shot of the Joey horse puppet.

The puppeteers mimic a horses personality, actions, movement, and noises. They have it down to being very similar to a real horse.

Warhorse Presentation at INB

Above: Joey looking my direction.

Warhorse Presentation at INB

Above: Joey side-by-side with real horse.

They brought a real horse in and had them interact. It was to show how well the puppeteers can mimic horses. The real horse was a good sport and wasn't too freaked out. She did side-eye the people inside the puppet with a look that said, "I see you you crazy humans. You are not a horse and acting silly!"

I have a lot more shots from the event that you can see here:

There is also a short video at that page that I made with my camera.

It takes three puppeteers to animate the horse puppet. There are 28 other puppets in the show and in key scenes the actors mount the horse puppets and "ride" them into battle (the play takes place during WW1).

I really want to go and see this play now! It looks fascinating!
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2012-08-06 08:27 pm
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War Horse Play

I just got an e-invite to an "Meet "Joey" star of stage play War Horse" event on Friday the 17th. 

Watch a video trailer of the stage play here:

"Joey" is the main horse from the play. 

I so want to see this play which comes to Spokane in November! As you can imagine...I quickly RSVPed for two people since I could bring guests. Whoever wants to go with me, can. I will see if they answer my photography questions since I asked if the public who attend can take photos. I will probably use my point and shoot camera  but I want to make sure of the rules since the press will be there as well.

I am strangely excited to go to this event which will be on August 17th at 11 a.m.! So cool to get an e.invite!
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2011-10-21 06:17 pm
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Norman was filmed here.

This film:

Was filme din Spokane this past June and is getting really good reviews. This is a surprise since usually "straight to video" movies are filmed here.

It was just released today so keep an eye out for it either in theaters or on DVD.

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2010-04-23 03:56 pm
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Spokane Is Spokane Again.

Meichelle, my ride to the movie theater tonight just canceled. I texted Destry and no answer. Looks like people are crapping out on going to the movies after a week of planning for it!

Fuck Spokane and it's flaky people.

I am just so tired of this happening every time I try and plan something and get excited about the event. This just didn't happen except for once in a blue moon in San Diego. The people here are RUDE.

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2009-10-12 12:49 am

Gogol Bordello!

I went to the concert and ended up sitting with a woman who works for Krem 2 (local tv station) and the owner of Merlin's Comics. Interesting who you meet in line.

The concert KICKED ALL SORTS OF ASS!!!! It was like being a huge, gypsy, after wedding, party due to the music and the spirit of the crowd.

Bands usually don't go all out in Spokane because the town is smaller and the crowds are smaller. Gogol Bordello didn't hold back and really performed full force! Their encore was 30 minutes long because they don't like to stop playing. They mentioned they may be back in Spokane in the future and the amusing thing? They didn't play in Seattle this time at all.

I could have gone to the afterparty but wasn't sure how to get home in the early morning hours so passed...sadly. If I had my own car I would have gone for sure.

I took a few random snapshots with my Sony Cybershot which can be a tad blurry but then the whole audience was jumping up and down to the music (and there were constantly changing lights) so it was hard to get a steady shot even with that option built into the camera.

So far, in the last two years I have seen 3 bands I had on my "Must see live"" list: radiohead, Flight of the Conchords, and now, Gogol Bordello.

I would see any of them again in an instant...especially radiohead and Gogol Bordello. 

If you get the chance to see Gogol Bordello, YOU MUST GO!
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2009-07-06 12:13 am

WTF?? Local Newspaper.

Our local news paper...the Spokesman Review...has sunk to an al-time low!

The first section, you know the world and national news section, had
THIS BS as three pages worth of news starting at the front page and including HUGE photos!


How is that valid news? How does it outrank world and national news stories? It even took up the whole front section with only two pages of small paragraph blurbs about world and national news.

The local paper is officially trash!

Spokane, thanks for showing your lack of intelligence yet again.

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2008-12-17 08:26 pm

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow.

We have received 8 inches of snow and the snow should continue until 4 a.m.

If you listen to the Spokane news they act as if the world is ending because we have 8 inches of snow on the ground and the snow plows haven't started to plow yet. They have interrupted regularly scheduled programs to talk about, as one stupid local newscaster nicknamed it , the "Snowpacolypse".

I kid you not.

The local news people are such alarmists and melodramatic about the weather. Every snow storm is THE. WORST. EVER.

Hello people, we live in Spokane. It snows here. It snowed here before we were all born. It will continue to snow here. And it will snow after we are all dead and gone. It's called "winter". Get over it.

It's Spokane...we get snow. It's not the end of the world. Get a grip.

If the city didn't mishandle funding we would have the snow plows out right well as the sanders...but they have so they are cutting corners and so not having the money to run snow removal and deicing trucks as often as they should!

My #6 Happy Thing?

The Russian guy on the news they stopped on the street to ask his opinion of the weather. His response?

"I immigrated from Russia. There was no snow here this morning. Now there is snow. It reminds me of Siberia. I feel very much the Christmas spirit now."

All said with a smile.

That guy rocks! After all the flailing around the newscasters and citizens they were asking about the road conditions...this Russian guy with his positive attitude just rocks!
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2008-08-29 03:17 pm
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I was a bit disappointed in Pig Out At The Park. It didn't have the diversity that it usually has when it comes to restaurant booths. Lots of Asian food but also lots of "fair food" like funnel cakes, pizza by the slice, and corndogs. The abundance of "fair food" just made it seem "trashy" as an event. None of the moderate to upscale restaurants had booths this year.

I asked my brother why the restaurant he worked for didn't have a booth this year and he said that the owner claims he lost money on Pig Out At The Park last year and will never do it again. I think a lot of restaurants don't get that $8.50 is an "expensive" price for most local people so if you do have a booth at Pig Out At The need to have your food fall into the $5.00 to $6.00 range at the highest. That way more people buy the food and you make some money. But, you cannot explain this to local people because they just don't get it. Spokane as a whole is terminally stupid on this sort of thing.

I also walked around downtown with Dana and found a lot of the shops had closed or are closing. Three of the shops I like, are in the process of, have moved to Seattle. I don't blame them since the locals think anything over $25 is expensive. I would be moving my business elsewhere too. The Paper Garden is moving to Seattle (which means the owner are), my favorite cheap designer shoe store moved to Seattle, and two others are pulling out as well. Spokane just has no taste when it comes to shops or only shops at them around holidays. People here are CHEAP.

It makes me glad I am moving away. I say everyone with a brain should move from here and let the idiots continue their destruction of the city. They are too stupid to change or take any suggestion from let them live in the decay of the roads, buildings, jobs, houses because that seems to be what they want.

I always feel so depressed after seeing that cool places have closed because I know we will never get anything like that again and that the store space will sit empty for years afterward. Makes me think, "Last person to leave Spokane...turn out the light."

Now to kick my move plans into high gear so I can actually make money beyond my soradic way here in Spokane and have a life beyond living in my parents basement, having to live by the parents rules like I am 14 and not 35, getting hit on by old ugly men with possible criminal records while out and about, and have friends who LIKE to go out and are not lame hermits who would rather stay in their hovels online or watching tv.

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2008-07-14 03:20 am

Urban Relics Photos.

I am starting to edit the photos form the photoshoot after hours of downloading from camera to computer and burning unedited photos to cds.

I always edit the non-portrait photos first to "get in the mood" so to speak. I posted these on Flickr and would like to share them because I quite like them.

Above: This is the old signage from the Coachhouse Restuarant. The restuarant has been closed for many years now and was in the "crack addict" area of Spokane. Now, all the low income apartments there are pretty much gone (as are the business like the Coachhouse). They are trying to turn it into an arts area and the apartments above into condos.

Above: The painted over signage from a "flophouse" style hotel. It rented rooms by the hour or half hour and the crack addicted prostitutes used them to "practice their profession". It was about 2 doors down from the Coachhouse and is also vacant at the moment as the renovation to the block into condos. the sign hasn't lit up since the 1960s most likely.

Above: The Jefferson Center was widely known as the Jefferson Apartments. They were home to drug addicts, recovering drug addicts, people just released from prison, very low income people, metally impaired people, and prostitutes. They were closed in the late 1990s and now are gutted for condo renovation. Where the low income people live one knows.

Above: Destry, my photoshoot subject, in front fo Little Nickle's Pub & Grub. This eating establishment was closed a little after the Coachhouse. It is right next door to the entrance to the hotel. I love the old style signage of this Pub and the Coachhouse and know that it is not long for the world due to the condos going in.

I will be posting photos from the photoshoot of Destry in the next few days as I get them edited and up at Flickr. So keep watching this journal.
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2007-12-09 01:11 am

The Golden Compass and More.

It's been a very busy two days. It started off yesterday with me meeting up with Cathryn for coffee and getting some conversation in. We hadn't seen one another since the beginning of Nov. it was nice to catch up, walk around downtown, snap a few photos of decorations, until she had to head off to a birthday dinner for a friend (her ebst friend who barely leaves the house now she has a boyfriend). 

I got called by Shaun during this time who really needed to get away from the computer since he had been working heavily all week. So, after Cathryn took off...I met up with Shaun and we went to the movies. We saw "The Golden Compass".

The Golden Compass" was a good film. I wanted to see it because misinformed religious groups are protesting it. All the things they claimed were in it (the killing of Jesus, "God is dead", mocking religion, the glorifying of atheism, mocking of the Catholic Church) were all absent in the film. Obviously some idiot somewhere made up a bunch of rumors about the movie, and the books author (who is agnostic not atheist),  and fed them to all the religious groups who NEVER see films that their churches tell them are bad, and let the people get upset over things that are not there in the film but they will never see with their own eyes to disprove the rumors.

The film is stunning when it comes to visuals and the costumes...let's just say I WANT Nicole Kidman's costumes from this film! Here are some examples:

Above: Close-up of her "entrance to film" costume.

Above: Far away of "entrance" outfit.

Above: Beautiful fur-collared, cream coat. 

And my personal favorite:

Above: It had a matching knee length skirt, black tights, and black pumps. I WANT this outfit!

Above: The collar of this coat really makes me go "Ohhh shiny!"

All her costumes were exciting to someone who enjoys "retro feel" clothing like I do. I hope they make knock-offs of the red coat outfit because I would snap it up so fast!

There were also a lot of cool inventions for the "Golden Compass" world including a gold, telescope, like thing that you places a sphere in and it projected a moving hologram-like photo on the wall. I would love one of those, if they existed.

The film itself rushed a bit much in areas and had one of the worst, heavy-handed, "there is to be a squeal" endings ever. But it was fun to see that world and I am glad I went to the film.

Today I took Henriette downtown to do her Christmas shopping and she got it all done...spending HEAPS of money because her family is all about brand names and you can get them cheaper here in the US than in Norway.  I found some perfume I really like: Daisy by Marc Jacobs. My liking of it surprised me because it is floral and I usually dislike floral scents when it comes to perfume. The scent is daisy, but light, semi-sweet, and airy. I will be asking for some for Christmas since I don't want to use up all my DKNY Be Delicious perfume.

It was a pleasant time downtown and we did not get back home, on the bus, until 8:15 p.m. I did get one semi-cool photo of downtown, at night which I will now share.

It's a tad bit blurred but it gives an idea of what it is like downtown at night. It is sad to see it THAT deserted on a Saturday night. Cities are suppose to be full of nightlife and people on weekends. Ahhh well, it is Spokane after all.

Now, off I go to get some sleep and I am going to work on the rest of my San Diego photos tomorrow night, upload them to Flickr, and post a few here.
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2006-12-30 11:29 pm

Ugh About The Big Easy Show.

So, I went with my brother to the show at the Big Easy last night with an open mind...beyond knowing I am not into hard rock which would be the type of music playing. I have to say, for hard rock bands, three out of the four bands really were awful. 

The only good band, One Fall, was one that sounded just like Soundgarden. Not very original at all. But they were the band who we had gotten the tickets from and three of the band members actually went to high school with Russell. They were nice guys...just were stuck in the era of grunge circa 1994.

One of the other bands, Odd#Out, had a lead singer that attempted to sound like Kurt Cobain and was fine until the female bassist tried to harmonize and made it clear her mic should be turned off so she cannot be heard singing. Another band, Flyreal, kept plugging their webpage and the lead singer was so full of himself it was amusing to watch. The band members of One Fall, who were sitting at our table, had fun making fun of the guy while the band played. Mimicking him and chanting the website name over and over again. The headlining band, Neveready, was so dull Russell decided it was time to leave after 2 songs. It was very, very, boring night musically.

Russell's co-workers were all right, except for the one who kept hitting on me and staring at me for long periods of time making me uncomfortable. He smacked of desperation in how he approached me, had nothing in common with me, was about 24 years old, was not the slightest bit cute, and I was polite but also not very inviting hoping he would get the hint I wasn't interested...but he didn't. 

He got annoyed, like small-minded men do, and made sure to insult me by insisting I had some sort of twisted, sick, relationship going on with my brother, and that is when I bailed for the bathroom and let Russell know I would like to leave soon.  Yeah, don't get your way so be an ass to the woman you are hitting on...that ALWAYS works out well.

Now I am bowing out of going to First Night tomorrow night (New Year's Eve) because the same idiot invited himself to go with my brother and I. I know he only did that to try to hit on me again because he only decided he would go with Russell once he found out I was going. That sounds like no fun to me and I don't relish having to ditch them and being on my own most the night. Russell's saying that this guy can come along totally killed any desire of mine to go. I would rather stay home, be bored, and watch movies. I love going out but not if I have to deal with this idiot hitting on me the whole night.

I also noticed that no one dresses up to go out in Spokane. Most the people were in sweatshirts and really old looking, dumpy, jeans. It was like they were going to the Mall or to do some drywall. I was wearing a black shirt, jeans, and black wedge sandals and I felt overdressed! People here in Spokane, they are just don't have any concept of dressing to go out. They always look like they just rolled out of bed. I cannot wait to move away where people actually know that to go out to a club, bar, event, or even a concert you DRESS UP.

Yeah, it was a boring night out but at least I only bought a plastic cup of beer which set me back $4.97, an outrageous price for a small plastic cup of beer. I didn't have to buy the ticket because the band gave them away for free to friends and Russell got the tickets from a band member's girlfriend that he works with. 

Yes, the nightlife in Spokane is seriously lacking and if it were a heart monitor would be "flatlined".

An amusing sidenote, it seems everyone Russell works with assumes I have a lot of money because I am a photographer. Mind you, none of them said they could "afford professional photos" yet they all assumed that I was loaded with cash. How can I be when everyone in Spokane I meet cannot afford to pay for photos? Too funny.

There are no cameras allowed at the Big Easy, at least "professional cameras" (which is what I own), so I took a few, inferior, cell phone photos. I will now share them.

Above: The band tuning up. Cellphone picture.

Above: The band, that gave us the tickets, starts playing.

Above: Intense, flashing, light use is alive an well at the Big Easy.

Above:More of the band playing.

Above: Russell drinks his 5th beer at the Big Easy.