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My brother Mark got part in a short film called Stella: A Short Film. He plays a bartender and is in every scene.  he is a bit nervous about that but, also very excited. The film is still in development and casting...and they are accepting donations to help pay for the filming. Check it out Facebook is you are interested.

I will be heading to Seattle for three days this Friday. I am looking forward to the "big city fix" and shopping. We, my mum and I, are headed there both as a late, late, birthday present to me and to pick up Henriette (our past Norwegian exchange student) and her friend who are now stateside and traveling. They are going to use our house as a "jump off/homebase" for their travels.  So, this means we will have house guests off and on this month.

I am trying to get a jump on posting in my fashion blog this month by writing a few posts at a time and slowly publishing them. I also have to think up two posts for stylefeeder. So, that will keep me a little busy this month.

The weather is getting nicer so I am going to try and get out more now that the Winter Olympics are over. I was a bit sad to see the Olympics end because I have this fascination with watching people perform winter sports since I could never get into any of that myself. Today, the temperature hit 54 (F) and it was like summer....almost. My dad even mowed the lawn because we have no snow on the ground and only had dusting of snow all winter. Looks like spring my hit us early this year which is wild to think about since the Northeast, lots of the middle US, and Europe are covered in snow at this moment. I guess we get a break after two very heavy snow filled winters before this one.

I am going to work on answering a few letters that I have piled up starting tonight. I have only 5 letters waiting to be answered but, there are others on the way to me so I want to stay ahead of the postal mail. I have also started participating in postcrossing a bit more again. I had taken a break for a couple months and have slowly started sending out postcards through there again. So, I should be getting good postal mail in the coming weeks.

I am still trying to read more often but, I am coming up with no trades that go through at swaptree these days. I will keep trying and adding books as often as I can because I am not a fan of the local library because they never have the books I want and we are not allowed, as county residents, to check out books at the main library downtown. I also like to take my time reading books and can never tell how fast I will finish a book so the library is not the best place for me to feed my book reading obsession. I am in the middle of reading Phantom by Terry Goodkind and halfway through John Keats' Endymion poem. Hopefully, a trade will go through while I wait for my books I ordered from Amazon.

Okay, I am going to head off and clean the bathroom..if the mopping job on the bathroom floor is dry now.

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Another day....they seem to just pass now without much going on in them. At least I got the Fall, thick, Vogue which I will read. Still no sight of my order which contains the de Medici book. I am going slightly stir crazy at the moment and have no book to distract me. Not a good situation for me.

It looks like I am going to be heading for Seattle next month. Bogdan is having a fund raiser for his next film and everyone is invited. I probably will go. It will be doubly nice because I can get my "big city fix" while I am there and I am so in need of that right now. I also may plan a trip to the Washington Coast next month as well. I may as well do that before I move. I am always happiest when I am traveling. I just feel more in my element then and I enjoy seeing new places and having new experiences.

I cannot believe that the summer if almost over. I feel like nothing has happened this summer and if I were paying for it, I would so want a refund. Or maybe a "take back"? I just had nothing going on this summer worth noting and that is bad.  Hopefully, this will be one of the last summers like this for a while.

Okay, time to stop rambling about how nothing is going on and to head off to try and do something useful.

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My friend Oreita in NYC emailed me about some plans we had discussed in NYC about going on a photography trip. We are to discuss the when and where in the next few weeks. I am pretty excited about this because I have wanted to go somewhere I haven't been with a female friend (so there are no expectations but fun taking photos) to take photos. So, this is very exciting for me.

It also looks like I will be going to Seattle to take Mark's photo very soon. It poured down rain here while he was in town and he REALLY wants headshots taken so he can start auditioning for movies and plays. So, that may happen in the next few weeks. I will talk to him when he gets back to Seattle and set that up. It is a paying job so that is cool.

I am talking with a guy in France (of all places) and having fun with that. He designs jewelry and watches...and lives in Paris. It's so nice to meet new people and talk with them. I always love to talk to new people and get to know them.

I am in the middle of reading the strangest book Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers by Mary Roach. It can be a bit of a grose topic, what happens to bodies after death and when they are donated to science but Roach writes with a lot of humor. It makes the topic very interesting to read about. She has two other books Spook and Bonk which sound quite interesting. I may have to pick them up or swap for them on swaptree.

Still waiting to see if my blog entry shows up at stylefeed. the person in charge just had a baby about 4 days ago so it may take a while for it to show up. I finally decided to write about sandal styles offered this spring. So, it should be approved. Now to decide the first post for next month...

Okay, off I go to make myself some dinner.

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