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This film looks AWFUL!

The trailer...hahaha!

Ominous chanting music, lots of meaningful looks, bed breaking sex, and (most importantly)...

I have read this series and I have no idea how this film will work beyond causing laughter. Even worse...this book in the series be broken into TWO horrible films!

*shakes head*

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My happy thing?

I found the whole
Twilight movie online, I watched it, and it wasn't bad.

It appealed to the 14 year old girl deep inside me.  The kissing scene was rather hot much to my surprise. As was
Robert Pattinson even though he is really young (22).

I watched the movie twice and signed up at Amazon for alerts when it comes out on DVD. Yes, I am buying the DVD when it comes out.

Movies work for silly books sometimes...especially with
Twilight because it cleans up the excess BS and when things are played for humor it works a lot better than being taken seriously. Pattinson also plays a lot of Edward's reactions with a smirk which helps out.

I may watch the film again tonight because the 14 year old girl deep inside demands it!
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I laughed out loud and said "No F-ing way!" at some of the stuff in Twilight.

The girl, Bella, seriously needs to get some therapy because she is VERY messed up in how she views "love". Bella's idea of love means you have to be in the person's presence EVERY SECOND OF THE DAY or else you feel like you are dying. Of course what do you expect from a character that has ZERO self-esteem.

Edward is a creepy stalker and Bella should run away. And he has anger/jealousy issues...HELLO! Abusive relationship alert.

But then what would one expect from a girl who only talks herself down calling herself ugly, clumsy, and not worth anything. Thank goodness she met a creepy stalker vampire who is addicted to how she smells and has to fight off killing her whenever he is around her! That's true love, baby! Don't you forget it!

Don't even get me started on the "sparkling Edward in the sun"...that made me laugh loudly and say, "OH PLEASE!!!!!" because it was so very stupid. Humans cannot see vampires in the sun according to Meyer because they would "dazzle" humans to death! *snorts with laughter*

The author, Meyer, is also not the best writer. She could use some serious editing because a few of her sentences made absolutely no sense...and I swear she have no idea what "peripheral" means! The way she was using that word in sentences was off. She was using "peripheral" to explain things that just didn't make sense. One of my favorite f-ed up sentences had that word in it. Let me see if I can find it in the book to share!

Here it is: "I stared straight ahead as I passed the Volvo, but from a peripheral peek, I would swear I saw him laughing."

It may, or may not, use the word "peripheral" correctly. I cannot help but think that sentence is very awkwardly written and could have been better expressed. It made me laugh a lot.

The book was a fun read but I don't see why everyone is so excited about it. It passed the time and has a story that keeps you reading to see what happens while you cackle at the "stalker love story" and laugh at the "stroking frenzies with mass eye contact" Bella and Edward have because (Oh no!) he would break her delicate human body if they had sex! *snorts with laughter*

Yes, I may read the rest of the series though there is no hurry for me to do it. I want to see how stupid this story gets because I heard the last book in the series really angered fans and went off the deep-end. Meyer supposively went against the "rules"/background she had written for the characters for shock factor. I want to giggle at the trashy last novel so I will be reading the rest of the series.

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I suck at parallel parking. I worked on that for an hour today and just get too far from the curb or hit the curb. I have to take my driver's test this week so this is extra sucky. Ugh!

I have started reading "Twilight" by Stephenie Meyer...and am snorting with amusement already and I am only a few chapters in. The woman has the WORST storytelling style ever and writes like a silly fangirl would write bad fanfic. I figure if she can write a book and sell millions of copies anyone can. True fluff and poor writing.

And what's up with the stalker Edward the sparkly vampire? He isn't sexy...he is CREEPY.  He also "sparkles"...excuse me while I laugh long and hard at that! I hear his stalkerish activities get worse as the book progresses. I predict lots of laughing in my future at the stupidity of Bella getting involved with him. Bella he is creepy, stalkerish, and manipulative.

No offense to Twilight fans...I just find the book laughably silly and badly written. I have to read it t see what the fuss is about since a movie has been made of it.  If you like the book, cool...glad you enjoyed it.

Okay off I go to answer email and do other things.

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