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We have received 8 inches of snow and the snow should continue until 4 a.m.

If you listen to the Spokane news they act as if the world is ending because we have 8 inches of snow on the ground and the snow plows haven't started to plow yet. They have interrupted regularly scheduled programs to talk about, as one stupid local newscaster nicknamed it , the "Snowpacolypse".

I kid you not.

The local news people are such alarmists and melodramatic about the weather. Every snow storm is THE. WORST. EVER.

Hello people, we live in Spokane. It snows here. It snowed here before we were all born. It will continue to snow here. And it will snow after we are all dead and gone. It's called "winter". Get over it.

It's Spokane...we get snow. It's not the end of the world. Get a grip.

If the city didn't mishandle funding we would have the snow plows out right well as the sanders...but they have so they are cutting corners and so not having the money to run snow removal and deicing trucks as often as they should!

My #6 Happy Thing?

The Russian guy on the news they stopped on the street to ask his opinion of the weather. His response?

"I immigrated from Russia. There was no snow here this morning. Now there is snow. It reminds me of Siberia. I feel very much the Christmas spirit now."

All said with a smile.

That guy rocks! After all the flailing around the newscasters and citizens they were asking about the road conditions...this Russian guy with his positive attitude just rocks!

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